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Yes, glass bottles are very hygienic and are perfectly safe to feed your baby with as long as they are handled and used correctly. The key benefits of glass over plastic are a higher level of hygiene and durability. Glass bottles are more hygienic than plastic because plastic bottles are more prone to scratches inside the bottle, caused by brushes etc. and these scratches can present an ideal ground for residues and germs. It becomes visible when you put carrot juice into a bottle that has been used for a longer period or when the plastic becomes less shiny. Glass bottles are also less likely to lose their shape after significant use.

All b&h Glass Bottles are made of pharmaceutical grade glass which is thicker than normal glass bottles in order to minimise the risk of breakage. However, glass bottles are not suitable for children that are self-feeding or for those who like to hold the bottle themselves not only due to safety reason but also the weight of the bottle. You must never use metal to stir a glass bottle as this can cause hairline cracks which can result in a fracture when hot feed is poured in.

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b&h Glass Feeding Bottles is made in France and made of SGD pharmaceutical grade glass that has promising quality. The glass is thicker than normal glass bottles, which is not easy to be broken. More importantly, you may equip a b&h protecting sleeve on our Glass Feeding Bottles.

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The b&h NeoStyle Silicone Bottles is an advanced version of the original b&h Silicone Bottles. Both of them are made of 100% food grade silicone and BPA free with anti-colic design teats. The difference between two bottles is on the neck. b&h Silicone Bottles have wide-neck design while b&h NeoStyle Silicone Bottles have ultra wide-neck design. The ultra wide-neck teats are specially designed to be softer and not easy to collapse. It also adapts perfectly to baby’s palate and is especially well accepted by breastfed babies. Moreover, ultra wide-neck design makes the bottles easier to clean.